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October 1st - 11th 2015

Bourbon Gift Guide

Well…. we’re a little late on posting this, but this WOULD have been a really cool list of things you should have picked up for your Dad on Father’s Day. But since we procrastinated – that just means this is a really badass list of Bourbon things you should get your family members… well, just […]

The Kentucky Cousin

Today we’re talking the Kentucky Cousin. No, not the cousin Bob you see at the annual family reunion, or the inbred blue people in the depths of the Appalachian Mountain Range.   We’re talking icy, refreshing, “perfect-for-summer” bourbon. Read on to learn more about the real Kentucky Cousin.   Town Talk Diner in Minneapolis birthed […]

The Bourbon Social | Cocktail Competition

The 2015 Bourbon Social series is almost here! And it wouldn’t be complete without round 2 of the TBS Cocktail Competition! We are looking for the craftiest, most creative Bourbon cocktails from across the country. What will you get for it? Potentially $1,500 and other prizes, plus a chance to come to Bourbon Country and […]