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October 10th - 12th

Learn Bourbon

The 2014 Bourbon Social line up of events has guests experiencing all things Bourbon and Kentucky. This isn’t about just tasting and drinking though, we wanted to teach people something. Our 2014 seminar series boasts 5 seminars that are geared towards the Bourbon enthusiast and the newcomer alike. Whether you’re new to Bourbon, want to […]

Sandy Nunez – New York meets Bourbon Country

Sandy is from is the Beverage Manager at David Burke Kitchen in New York City, NY. Located inside the James Hotel, they focus in the highest quality vegetables, beef, and birds. They pride themselves on having an eclectic mix of unique entree offerings and equally unique cocktail pairings.       Sandy, inspired by the […]

Old 502 Winery – Bourbon Barrel Love

‘When we’re not busy crushing grapes, we’re breaking the rules’ – this is the homepage of Old 502 Winery in Louisville, KY. We love grapes, we love wine, and we break rules. Count. Us. In!   They make their product right in the heart of Downtown Louisville, and it’s made from blends of Kentucky grapes. […]